Our Philosophy


Royal Wealth Management is a risk management firm delivering perspective and direction in an ever-changing financial landscape. Our core firm philosophy is driven by a single-minded focus:  creating a ‘Secure Wealth Management Plan’ to help our clients make their financial dreams a reality. By using customized strategies and solutions our firm keeps our clients’ investments on track and their retirement goals in focus.


Our Origins


Royal Wealth Management was formed in 2007 in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Lynchburg, Virginia. Our unique philosophy helped distinguish our firm and set us apart from the competition. By the end of 2008, Royal Wealth Management had become a cornerstone for clients searching for a stable, reliable and experienced retirement planning firm that proved it could navigate not just great financial times, but the extremely tough times as well.


What We Do


Royal Wealth Management is comprised of three firms, all commonly owned, that specialize in separate segments of the financial planning process. The firms specialize independently in one of the following areas: Investments, Insurance, or Taxes. This structure allows Royal Wealth Management to provide our clients with a multi-year track record and extensive expertise managing market cycles, recessions, recoveries, and unique demands from each client relationship.