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Utilize the same guidance and instruction to manage all your accounts in a safe and secure environment.


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Summarize all of your account data and provide insights.

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Get advice and recommendations that are understandable.

Advanced Financial Planning

Strategically implement several strategies into one.

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Signals to buy/sell are updated daily.

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Track and organize all your accounts in one location.

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Our advisory firm was built with flexibility at its core. Two very different investment management styles are offered which are: Strategic & Tactical. Choose one management style or blend the two styles together. There are models to fit any objective. Our mission is to keep your portfolio(s) one step ahead and always on top.

Institutional Indicators

New Money Indicator

Using institutional volume the goal is to only invest new money into the stock market during short term ‘Uptrend’ periods and remain in cash during short term ‘Downtrend’ periods. When there is flexibility in being able to determine the timing of investing new proceeds, this indicator should be used to determine the dispersion of new assets.

Total Market Indicator

The ‘Total Market Indicator’ is a longer-term trend indicator that was built to determine when markets were in an upward trend. The indicator is a complex algorithm that measures the buying and selling pressure of twenty-six (26) asset classes to determine this trend. Usually this is based on how portfolios at an institutional level are being invested, that is being uncovered. This indicator is meant to navigate through the chop that most methodologies get whipsawed in during periods when a market is moving sideways.

Balance of Strength

The ‘BOSS Indicators” stands for Balance of Strength and is an academically validated risk management tool that was designed to react quickly to market tops and bottoms without being knocked off the longer-term trend.

Calendar Effects Indicator

The ‘Calendar Effects Indicator’ is a shorter-term indicator whose goal is to be invested only during those short periods during the calendar year that have historically shown a high probability of profit. There are about 11 of these short periods per year, totaling roughly 70 to 80 market days of exposure per year.

Advanced Financial Planning



Our firm first has to learn where each client is currently and where they are trying to be within a defined amount of time. 



Then the selection of the most appropriate instrument(s) are determined that will most accurately track the stated goals. This could be an actively managed investment account and/or complex annuity strategies and/or life insurance strategies. 



Allocate capital appropriately so that the vehicles and strategies identified can be set into motion. This phase could take between 5 to 30 business days based on complexity. 



Monitor the progress towards the goals set. Our firm understands that life changes and so will the goals. This monitoring will help account for changes in current goals or the addition/removal of goals. 



A comprehensive review is conducted on a routine basis to keep all parties well informed.

Evolution of Risk

Royal Wealth has a unique way of identifying and managing risk. The acknowledgment that risk is constantly evolving from a market, asset class and client perspective has to be accepted. All three have to be identified and monitored to be truly successful on a consistent basis. Royal Wealth identifies risk in a three-dimensional state that is constantly evolving, which includes:

Market Risk

Where the market trend is located will be determined and monitored by our algorithmic indicators. This process will help significantly reduce market risk.

Asset Class Risk

By monitoring which asset classes are garnering the most institutional buying vs selling pressure will help reduce investment security risk.

Client Risk Tolerance

Identifying the risk tolerance of a client based on timeframe and account objectives, helps reduce expectation risk related to the journey of investing.

Affordable Solution

There are options and flexibility when it comes to obtaining advice and guidance.


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Company Story

In 2007, a self-employed businessman sat in a conference with a group of clients. These clients wanted investment advice and recommendations on all of their accounts. The firm that this individual currently worked for didn’t have the ability to accurately monitor, much less manage, every account no matter where it was being currently custodied. The technology wasn’t available and what was available was super clunky and hard to use.

This is when the idea to build an advisory firm utilizing modern technology was mapped out and executed. In 2007 Royal Wealth Management submitted the paperwork for registration.

We want to personally welcome you to an advisory firm that is able to provide advice and guidance to accounts anywhere they are located. Experience the difference, experience Royal Wealth Management!

Ease of Use

You don’t have to be a tech expert to benefit from the functionality of our advisor.


Advice & Guidance that doesn’t break the bank.

Strategic & Tactical

Use our market-leading financial indicators to manage all financial accounts anywhere.


Information is power, and our firm brings the future to your fingertips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many accounts can I receive advice?

As many accounts as you want to have the system track.

Will this work for my 401(k) at work?

YES! This service was built to work with any account no matter where it is located.

How often will signals come out?

Notifications come out on a daily basis. Somedays there will need to be action taken and others there will not be anything to do. 

Is there a client portal?

YES! Every client has their own personal portal.

How hard is the software to learn?

The application was built with the idea of highly adapted applications to reduce the learning curve significantly.

Can accounts be managed differently?

Yes! Our robo-advisor was created so that each account is managed uniquely based off the risk assessment score for each account independently.

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