Investment methodology



Our investment methodology is time tested and proven to handle all the volatility that the stock market can create.

Management Style

Our firm was built and surrounds itself with the best minds the industry has to offer. Two different investment styles are offered within our robo-advisor which are: Strategic & Tactical. Choose one management style or blend the two styles together. There are models to fit any objectives. Our mission is to keep your portfolio one step ahead and always on top.



Our firm has identified a diverse set of asset classes that are ranked weekly based off volume accleration metrics.



Then the selection of the most appropriate instrument is determined that will most accurately track that asset class. This could be an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), Stock, and/or Mutual Fund.



There are a set of proprietary algorithmic indicators that are applied daily to make sure the trend of the market is monitored. These indicators act as circuit breakers and were built to significantly reduce market losses.



Determine the risk tolerance of each client and select the model that is most appropriate. Client risk is constantly evolving based on life occurrences, so we built a solution to quickly adapt to life changes.



Monitor the proprietary algorithmic indicators daily for changes to the underlying market trend as well as asset classes at predetermined intervals throughout an investing year.

Evolution of Risk

Royal Wealth has developed a new and revolutionary way of identifying and managing risk. The acknowledgment that risk is constantly evolving from a market, asset class and client perspective has to be accepted. All three have to be identified and monitored to be truly successful on a consistent basis. WealthDrive identifies risk in a three-dimensional state that is constantly evolving, which includes:

Market Risk

Where the market trend is located will be determined and monitored by our algorithmic indicators. This process will help significantly reduce market risk.

Asset Class Risk

By monitoring which asset classes are garnering the most institutional buying vs selling pressure will help reduce investment security risk.

Client Risk Tolerance

Identifying the risk tolerance of a client based on timeframe and account objectives, helps reduce expectation risk related to the journey of investing.


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