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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical grid look like?

A typical compensation grid is one in which Royal Wealth manages the money; the grid starts at 50% and comes down from there based off assets under management.

Which custodian do you use?

There are several custodians that we use, but our favorite is Folio Institutional.

What fees are there for an IAR to pay?

An investment advisor representative is going to be responsible for the following fees:

State Licensing = roughly $900 initially and $140/year

Technology = $399/month

Email = $90/year

E&O = $400/year

Do you take a percentage of the insurance business?

Royal Wealth does not participate in insurance related businesses of our investment advisor representatives. 

Is there any marketing help provided?

Royal Wealth provides a plethora of marketing assistance and ideas. Having been around for almost two decades, we have seen about everything you can imagine. Using our expertise will dramatically increase your bottom line.

How long does it take to make the switch?

Usually the change to our firm takes roughly 14 business days. 

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